Community Edition

Community Edition

actionETL Community edition is completely free and has the following capabilities:

Commercial UseAllowed
SupportBest-Effort Included
Number of Rows and Files ProcessedUnlimited
Number of ApplicationsUnlimited
Number of Worker Systems per Application1
Max Distinct Worker Types per Worker System15
Port Pass Through Dataflow WorkersNot Included

  • The license is perpetual and includes one year of maintenance & best-effort support
    • We provide support for the Community edition, but without any guarantees and at a lower priority compared to commercial customers
    • The license can be renewed annually for free
  • Allows Development activities on specified accounts and Execution activities on any account, on any computer within the organization
  • Upgrading to a commercial license only requires changing the license file
  • Software delivery from
  • Easy deployment with no license server and no cloud connection required

If your requirements exceed the Community capabilities, please use a commercial edition of actionETL, e.g. by trying out the Pro version with our Free 30-day trial.

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