QlikView Horizontal Table Issue with +40 Fields

I discovered the following issue with Horizontal tables (Straight Table > Properties > Presentation > Horizontal) in the AJAX ZFC client:

The chart only displays the first 40 fields; any further fields added beyond the first 40 are not displayed. Fields beyond 40 are exported to Excel OK, and also work perfectly fine in the Windows desktop client, but I couldn’t find any way to get more than 40 to display in the AJAX client.

This was tested on QlikViewServer 64-bit Edition (x64), 10.00.9088.7, with English (United Kingdom) settings running on Windows Server 2008 R2 Standard (64 bit edition), using the QlikView web server, and using several different browsers.

QlikTech has logged this as issue 44912, which (at least according to QV10/11 release notes) haven’t been fixed yet.

UPDATE 2012-07-01: QV10 Service Release 5 includes a fix for this issue!

As a temporary workaround, I ended up using two tables, the second one displaying field 41 to 70 and with a Layout > Show > Conditional set to:


so that the second table only displays when there is a single record selected. This avoids the two tables potentially showing data from different records through scrolling.

Do let me know if you find a better workaround, or if this is already working in your environment.

6 thoughts to “QlikView Horizontal Table Issue with +40 Fields”

  1. Hi there, i have also run into this issue…
    Did you mange to get resolved or are you still using the workaround?


        1. That’s… less than ideal. The bug is listed as fixed in QV10 SR5, but not mentioned in the QV11 release notes 🙁 You might ask QlikTech support for fix.

  2. Workaround for this problem is to use IE Plugin. We have contacted QlikTech Support and awaiting a response.

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